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Tatenda Chidora

Artist 274

Tatenda Chidora


Tatenda Chidora is a Zimbabwian Artist based in South Africa who specializes in photography. His contemporary style is representative of the global movement hailed as ‘new African photography’.

He’s driven by creating a more diverse picture and inspired by the stories and faces of the African metropolis. His striking visuals, often shot from new and unexpected angles make heroes of his subjects.

At the core of his practice is light with how he commands natural light or studio lighting he paints black skin luminous. There’s a richness of tone in his work whether it’s shot in colour or black and white.

By working between the genres of commercial, fine art and fashion photography his work stays nimble and versatile. He brings a fine art sensibility to his fashion photography and an editorial edge to his portraiture which champions unconventional beauty.

His subjects are often people he discovers on the street and finds interesting. Tatenda has a deep love for making portraits for its opportunity to engage with a subject.

“I try not to just photograph people,” he says. “I try to connect with them.” His muse is the everyday which he endeavours to translate and elevate through his lens.

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