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Star Sailors - 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing Exhibition Review

Astronaut /ˈastrənɔːt/ n. astro from the Greek word astron, meaning "star" and root "naut", from "nautes", the Greek word for "sailor."

The 50th anniversary of the moon landing was celebrated by the combined contributions of and The Viewing Room Art Gallery part of the St Lorient Fashion and Art Gallery .

They created and curated a group exhibition featuring over 60 artists who created artworks that explore man's infatuation with the moon and the stars.

The exhibition opening fell in line with the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon 50 years ago.

The exhibition was opened by Roger Deane, a South African radio astronomer and associate professor, he talked about the impact and wonderlust humans experience. The inspiration the moons and how by combining and working across disciplines and specializations greatness is possible. Inspiration talks on all themes.

The show was packed with art enthusiasts and the collection was as vast as the starry sky it was inspired by. There were all types of works ranging from Gordon Froud’s ‘Moon Songs’ which combined digital prints and LED lighting to Ilse Fourie’s ‘Leonardo’s Lunar Conversations’ made from Mixed medium including roots to Lynnette ten Krooden’s ‘Blue Planet’ which uses plastic and gold leaf with oil on canvas.

Some explored the romance of the moon whilst others explored how puns and language illuminate the moon. In contrast some focused on how their technical skill reflects the moon’s essence through their materials.

It’s wonderful having an opening filled with people but it did make it harder to give each work the time it deserved which is wonderfully fixable as the show is open till the 7th of September. Two walkabouts are being given during August on the 3rd and 17th at 11am so if you haven’t gone yet make sure to go.

It truly is out of this world 🌙


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