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Peju Alatise

Artist 237 Peju Alatise Painting and Sculpture Afro- Feminism

Peju Alatise (born 1975) is a Nigerian interdisciplinary artist, architect and author of two novels. Alatise received her formal training as an architect at Ladoke Akintola University in Oyo State, Nigeria. She then went on to work for 20 years as a studio artist. She was born and raised in a traditional Muslim family in Lagos State, Nigeria. Alatise in part defines her artistic practice as a search for truth and to this end much of her work centres on women in Nigeria and on the political and religious issues at the heart of the country.

She strongly believes that an artist should depict the world she lives in, Peju strives to visualize social issues of her country and personal experience. She focuses in part on gender inequality and women's rights. She uses her art to make statements about social issues through this Alatise acts as a creative social activist.

Alatise's work expands on Afro-feminist views by fracturing the male mold of Modern African culture. She sometimes uses humor in her work whilst discussing socio-political issues in reflection of how she perceives Nigerians use humor in society. Alatise has also been an influential voice on the Child Not Bride campaign in Nigeria, with her work regularly feeding into this discourse. She is also the founder of the ANAI Foundation - a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development of visual arts in Nigeria, offering sponsored training programs for artists.

She says, "In my opinion, art from Africa remains still largely burdened by negative social, political and economic realities from its mother continent, hence, is unable to be judged by its own merit and without negative bias or condescending patronage. However, Africans must take the responsibility upon themselves to project their own art and learn to value them as one of their greatest cultural exports." #PejuAlatise #Painting #Sculpture #AfroFeminism #artblog #artistoftheday #artistsoninstagram #artresearcher #celebratingart #investigatingart #blog #artist #art #contemporaryart #artistbio #arthistory #artresearch #contemporary Sources Consulted…/en…/us_56255056e4b02f6a900d59a6/amp…/47-peju-al…/biography/


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