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Marinella Senatore

Artist 284

Marinella Senatore


dialogic, performative and visual installations

Marinella Senatore (born 1977) is a multidisciplinary Italian artist whose practice is characterized by the strong element of participation. Her works reflect a dialogue between elements of history, popular culture and social structures. Her mediums vary project to project. She also has passion for music and dance hosts The School of Narrative Dance. This is a nomadic school which travels creating performance, and workshops.

Senatore is inspired by people and everyday narratives. She facilitates art that emphasises storytelling, sharing narratives, and art that foster a sense of community due to the participatory nature of her artworks.

Marinella Senatore’s art revolves around energy. She explores how a space both real or virtual can change with different elements. This energy is one of change.

She takes on the role of activator changing the surrounding reality until it reaches the viewer. In this sense her work can be defined as Environmental Art but also confrontational.

She is more interested in process than the outcome. Senatore allows the audience to control her works’ final outcomes, thereby reshaping the traditional roles of artist as author and the public as recipient.

An example of this is her sculptural installation ‘Protest Bike’ with megaphones attached to a bike. It allows ‘the complaint’ to be the focus of the project. Citizens are welcome to use the bike for personal or choral public protest without cultural or thematic limit, an open platform offering alternative forms of public demonstration and action.

Any slogan or lament could be shouted, declaimed or simply recounted while cycling on the Protest Bike also understood as an act of physical effort that underlines the participant’s will to express themselves.

In Florence her newest work ‘We Rise by Lifting Others’ is a new project where Senatore was invited to propose a new reflection on the idea of ​​community, closeness and relationship in an era in which the concept of social distancing is affecting the daily life of all people.

The large installation is the courtyard, Palazzo Strozzi and is over ten meters high and made up of hundreds of LED lights, invades the Renaissance proportions of the building, involving the visitor in a sort of aesthetic short-circuit.

By combining the architecture and her contemporary work she sets the base doe an experience between history and popular culture and by making it participation based allows for the local social structures to gather. The three core elements of Marinella Senatore's the work is covered in phrases with on the concepts of emancipation, inclusion and participation on them. There is programmes of participatory workshops, with focus on the idea of ​​social activation and community building through performative practice during this chaotic time of the 202/2021 pandemic.

“So I can say that the real link in all my work is the fact that I work on social structures with a participatory approach of social impeachment aimed at emancipation. The protest gestures inspired the choreography and the choreography is inspired by the protest gestures. Folk, which interests me a lot, and popular singing are very important to me. In these areas I produce performances. “ - Marinella Senatore

Her sculptures take the form of a dialogic, performative and visual work. Her work is experimental in that it’s final form is experience.

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