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Lorenzo Quinn

Artist 271

Lorenzo Quinn



Lorenzo Quinn (born 1966) is an Italian sculptor and former actor. He is best known for expressive recreations of human hands. The symbol reoccurs through his work and is central to his motif.

Quinn’s sculptures are often based on great myths, referring to the broad themes that recur in our civilisation and cut across distinctions of culture and time. The themes of fate and religion are teased in his sculptures.

With each Quinn sculpture, the idea is first born in writing through his poetry and literature before being transformed into one of his monumental sculptures – often in bronze and aluminium. These political and highly religious sculptures have been exhibited around the world.

Lorenzo prides himself on sculpting the most technically challenging part of the human body. For him, hands symbolise the power we have as humans to impact both our lives and those of people around us.

He explains: “The hand holds so much power: the power to love, create, hate and destroy.”

I love the universal narrative nature of hands, through positioning he is able to tell a great variety of narratives causing question to what power is in our own hands. I also enjoy the humorous nature found in the works.

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