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Eva Rothschild

Artist 255

Eva Rothschild


Eva Rothschild (born 1971) is an Irish artist who specializes predominantly in sculptural art who works across a range of materials including aluminium, jesmonite, leather, fabric and perspex.

She has a materials based studio practice but also works on major public and outdoor commissions.

Her work references the art movements of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Minimalism and is also informed by the contemporary aesthetics of protest and spirituality.

Constructed with an irregular geometry influenced by the work of Constantin Brancusi, Rothschild’s sculptures explore the relationship between materiality, Classical architecture, and New Age spiritualism.

“I use segmentation a lot, building something from repeated units, so that there’s almost a suggestion that they can be taken apart,” Eva Rothschild explains. “In a way I never think of a piece as a unified whole. It could always come apart. In the finished product the material is still open to transformation.”

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