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Eric Duplan

Artist 251

Eric Duplan


Eric Duplan (born 1962) is a French born artist who specializes in Oil painting. He works with abstraction, symbolism and a unique visual language.

As a self-taught artist, he started painting full time in 1989. His works consist of large landscapes and topographical / architectural works which he re-interprets into figures and symbols. His works are filled with forms and spaces which have been abstracted and interpreted from the artists mind onto the surface.

Eric paints in oil and his paintings are many faceted, mixing fine details with abstract architectural renderings in a technique that produces pieces reminiscent of a Zen Garden, where a certain meditative quality is induced.

A reflection of both Eric’s thoughts and mediations as he paints and those created in the patron.

The works can in part be described as topographical landscapes and yet that is too simplistic. They are almost archeological with a bird’s eye view of the landscape in which the ruins take on figurative and symbolic form. The passage of time echoed in the many layers of paint.

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