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Daniel Firman

Artist 233

Daniel Firman Sculpture

Daniel Firman (born 1966) is a French artist who through eye-popping sculptures, freeze moments of time and action in precarious balance. He is known as a postwar and contemporary sculptor. His one work ‘Nasutamanus’ epitomizes the concerns and methods of his practice; it is a taxidermied elephant that seems to float weightlessly in the gallery space, attached only to the wall by its trunk. In this as in all of his works, Firman seeks to construct the presence of such amorphous concepts as time, balance, weight, action, and gravity. Other sculptures include human figures struck in precarious poses or supporting unwieldy constructions atop their shoulders.

“I demand much effort of my models in order that they remain immobile until they are exhausted, and it is with this approach to time that I create sculpture,” he says. Always focused on the body, Firman has also explored performance art—including choreographed works in which he constructs enclosures around himself—and crafted immersive, overwhelming sound installations of “Drone Music.”

Daniel Firman’s work is globally a question of sculpture, visual and audio. It is the result of an experimental continuity stemming from the relationship of the body with space. Looking for the point of balance of movements and opposite forces, based on the principle of reversal, the artist seems – when measuring himself with the world – to fold it and mould it in his image. There’s almost a ‘horder-esque’ quality to his gravity defying works in some cases. I think once in person and exploring each object placed in the work will lead to fascinating stories.

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