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Awesome Womxn Art Exhibition

Awesome Womxn Art Exhibition

Association of Arts Pretoria

Dr Adéle Adendorff curates the group exhibition ‘Awesome Womxn’ celebrating Women’s Month 2019.

The exhibition aims to make visible alternative, poly-vocal and multiple stories around the intersectional category, Womxn.

Dr Adéle draws the artists’ use of tapestry, lace, weaving and embroidery together commenting on how it reflects on life. To quote her, ‘It is the holes in the lace that render it beautiful’.

The opening was given by Dr Rory du Plessis who made a compelling interrogation of how the thinking of gender works.

He draws attention to The big F word. Feminism!

He reflects on his history of as a lecturer and how students react to the term Feminism. Their negativity and skepticism undermine our current need for Feminism. He reflects on the dissociation that occurs leaving feminism on the outskirts. He comments we need to take ownership as it happens in this country and in communities.

He draws how the exhibition space creates a space to relocate and see through the artistic eye of a different version of being feministic.

It ranges from the stitched, broken, dissolved body and the pornification of media in which we breed violence in culture against women.

The lack of female sexuality in these cultures of hard core porn expose levels of exploitation.

The Madonna and whore complex and the objectification are juxtaposed with the theme on the other side of recapturing femininity outside of patriarchy.

The picturing of female genealogy and the unseen of older women in media is challenged here.

He challenges and draws overlap with philosophies and popular culture in the same wave length. He quotes Miley Cyrus reflecting the strength on maternal support.

He draws a conclusion towards the reflective work of Maaike Bakker: ‘Decide what you want and need and must do’.

Art is made to question. Come and question yourself and find your reflection.


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