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Alex Da Corte

Artist 234

Alex Da Corte Culture Anthropologist Installation and conceptual art Alex Da Corte (born 1980) is an American conceptual artist who works in painting, sculpture, installation, and video. He was born in Camden, New Jersey, in 1980. He spent his formative years growing up in Venezuela. Da Corte often uses surreal imagery and everyday objects in his practice and explores ideas of consumerism, pop culture, mythology, and literature. Working as an “anthropologist of the immediate past,” artist Alex Da Corte creates sculpture with the colorful artifacts of turn-of-the-21st-century consumer culture.

Da Corte’s reworked everyday objects—both the generic and the branded—take on an otherworldly quality in his constructed environments, videos, and digitally collaged images, or as material, in the case of his shampoo paintings. In Da Corte’s practice, such unraveling often involves bright colors and crisp advertising imagery, and cameos by pop-culture figures like an ersatz version of Eminem played by the artist himself

His vibrant and immersive large-scale installations include wall-based works, sculptures, and videos. These colorful and surreal works combines personal narrative, art-historical references, pop-culture characters, and the glossy aesthetics of commercial advertising to reveal the humor, absurdity, and psychological complexity of the images and stories that pervade our culture. His background in film spurred an art practice that attempts to dictate the origin, value, and character of objects he uses in his videos, installations, and paintings.

He believes in the open-source collection and absorption of objects challenges the audience to reflect “upon memory, impulse, the stability of knowledge, and what constitutes value in a work of art.” His interest in fluidity over time and disruptions of authorship lead him in curating his installations with the intention of unraveling objects’ motives.

Da Corte is planting seed for new archetypes to grow, continually striving to “confuse where things come from,” flatten time, and upend history and taste. “I don’t think of sculpture as static, as dead objects. I think of them as tracing an action,” the artist has said of his work. “Sculpture is the unraveling of a familiar object.”

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