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Artist Series

Monica Blignaut has explored a variety of themes and mediums, creating a diverse and fascinating body of work across painting, sculpture, installation and in some cases converging. 

From her early works that explored her surroundings to her more recent pieces that reflect on the need for flow state in as a  form of control from the complexities of modern life, Monica's art has always been a material experience. With each new series, she challenges herself to explore new themes, techniques, and mediums, creating a rich and dynamic body of work that reflects her boundless imagination and an unquenchable thirst to find meaning through creative expression.

In a closer look at some of Monica's key bodies of work from the past few years, exploring the themes, inspirations, and techniques that have shaped her artistic journey. From her evocative landscapes to her poignant portraits, we'll delve into the heart of Monica's art and discover the stories and emotions that have fueled her creative vision. 

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