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Story Boards
Experimental sculptural drawings

Created as a part of artist Monica's Honours BA Fine Arts degree as the Ultracrepidarian Series.


‘the one who gives an opinion on something she knows nothing about’

Theses Mixed medium drawings on wood and sculpture were created in various sizes and are a series where the investigation and exploration of identity are explored through drawing and mark making to explore
what language truly means and w
hat it actually says.

These boards she creates become ‘poetic paintings’ where the mark making, freewriting techniques coupled with abstract painting techniques and detailed drawings to create ‘thought pieces’.

She explores a type of automatic writing which allows the process or product of writing to be written without using the conscious mind in an active way. She uses this in part as a means of dealing with past trauma as well as a form of self-expression. She does not attempt to connect to a ‘psychic’ energy but connect to the subconscious mind.

Monica’s works deals with her childhood language diaspora due to her Phonological Dyslexia, her experiences living through the stigma and misinformation in the early to late 2000s surrounding mental illness, doctors misuse and over medication as well her experiences of surviving and overcoming abuse. Which all fall under the overarching umbrella of not being heard. Her work is a cathartic form of self-healing in which she uses the scars of the past as the foundation for expression.

She is inspired by artists like Vusi Beachamp, Adébayo Abolaji and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Their works all reflect the process and the materiality of the art creation process as fundamental in their art practice.

Healing is an ongoing process and Monica her art practice as one aspect of an ongoing journey of introspection and self-love.

Monica says, “Despite my artworks beginning with dark origins I perceive my artistic process as almost an ongoing love letter to myself. It is a reflection that regardless of others that I am listening. To my body, to the hurt and pain that was overlooked. But also of the beauty that was overlooked, the innocence, the hope and the young child who needed protecting.”

She works at placing intangible thoughts and emotions into physical works in an act of defiance of being told her condition was ‘all in her head’.

Monica Blignaut, Untitled, Drawing on Wood.JPG
Monica Blignaut, Grr, Sculpture Wood (2).JPG
Monica Blignaut, Grr, Sculpture Wood.JPG
Monica Blignaut, Skulls. Close up, Drawing on Wood.JPG
Monica Blignaut, Living Doll, Close up, Drawing on Wood.JPG
DSC_0001 (2).JPG
Monica Blignaut, Untitled, Close up, Drawing on Wood (4).JPG
Monica Blignaut, Untitled, Close up, Drawing on Wood.JPG
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