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The nailed series
‘You may call me a dreamer’
Bronze sculpture

We all hold dreams within us, desires and aspirations that fill our hearts. They live within us and take unique form. They are creatures we create.

They grow as we nurture them. These monsters are the imagination, the story the mind wishes to tell.

However we are faced with multiple realities. They can be both harsh and painful.

Obligations and expectations are thrust upon us by society like nails that drive into a wall.

Society traps us - it reflects broken dreams and no one is safe from it.

The teddy bear represents my own childhood and the associations I hold to my parents’ divorce and the loneliness of school yet also symbolizes the innocence and how my past has moulded me.

The eye emerging from the suitcase links connection within oneself and perspective. It is possible to lie to oneself and believe one is happy. Further it is possible to see the good in a situation.

 The suitcase both chains and enables. It is a freedom and responsibility it represents my desire to travel and the desire to see the world but also represents work, responsibilities and expectations.

The little creatures are my inner self, my mind and creativity.

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