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‘Depression’ is a performance artwork. Art is a way of sharing a message with society but also a means of self-expression.
This project was absorbed in the artist’s personal trials at the time. The artwork shows the different stages of depression from personal experience.


It records how it feels to be depressed and portrays how it affects a person’s day to day life. Having an understanding of Depression and living it are completely diferent. The Bench is a metaphorical representation of Depression and how you are unable to leave despite there being nothing physically barring you.




Everyone has a bad day, the realisation that that bad day will not end is terrifying.
As portrayed in the artwork a person feels trapped and unable to move. At first you simply wait for it to pace. Then you
begin to wonder why no one notices. Then you start to panic. Then you sink when you realise you can not move.



How each person escapes is different. Some people use music while others use sports. The manner of escapism is not important but the act itself is. In this artwork the form of escape takes reading, it removes you from the anxiety and fear. However it only calms you for a short period of time. It becomes an addiction, a way to survive



The third stage is difficult to title. It’s a complicated process of self-analysis and emotional turmoil. It is the space when you start to digest and come to terms with your emotions. In this artwork the process is depicted through writing. Freedom is what you feel when you have completed the entire process. It does not mean you are fixed but it is the beginning towards getting there

From the artist:

When the project began I was dealing with a lot of emotional strain. For the project it began with documenting a location and in my state I found it
difficult to think of one. The last time I went through depression I spent a lot of time in a church at Saint
Mary’s DSG primary school. I went to the school and documented the church by taking photos and videos. I
recorded my initial reactions and thoughts. As I left I noticed a bench where I would often sit and read books during school
and decided to photograph that as well. I decided to deal with depression. I wanted to combine how I struggle day to
day with the negative effects and feelings of depression. I wanted to combine the feeling of helplessness, the escape and the how I deal with the

This was an extremely personal project but was an artwork that demanded to be heard. I want to thank my family and friends for their constant support and always being there to listen to me. Hereafter are poems from the third stage of my depression.
This project has been cleansing and for that I am grateful.

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