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Zackary Drucker

Artist 43

Zackary Drucker Identity Art

Zackary Drucker is an American transgender multimedia artist, LGBT activist, actress, and television producer. She is the producer on the TV series Transparent and is based out of Los Angeles.

An independent artist, cultural producer, and trans woman who breaks down the way we think about gender, sexuality, and seeing.

She has performed and exhibited her work internationally in museums, galleries, and film festivals including the Whitney Biennial 2014, MoMA PS1, Hammer Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, MCA San Diego, and SF MoMA, among others.

“I always think of the foundation for my art practice as starting at a really young age. When I was four years old, maybe even younger, I would dive into this chest of dress-up clothes that my mother had in the basement and my parents would take Polaroids of me. This is something trans folks have done since the inception of photography. Imagining themselves outside the constraints of their everyday reality. Oftentimes when I’m speaking about my work I start there, with that experience of feeling validated, of creating something that doesn’t exist in the real world.” - Zackary Drucker

Drucker is an Emmy-nominated Producer for the docu-series "This Is Me", as well as a Producer on Golden Globe and Emmy-winning "Transparent".

“I feel an acute sense of responsibility, of service, to the trans and gender non-conforming communities and I think that all of us have to use our platforms to create more empathy and understanding in the world. I can’t think of a better way of doing that than through television.”- Zackary Drucker

The artist uses a female pronoun, and through her participatory pieces she complicates established binaries of viewer and subject, insider and outsider, and male and female in order to create a complex image of the self.

Her desire of utilizing multiple art forms is so inspirational for me and I have a lot of respect for how she has taken the responsibility to represent her view points. It’s a place I’m actively building towards.

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