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Victor Ehikhamenor

Artist 226 Victor Ehikhamenor Iconography Drawing

Victor Ehikahamenor (born in 1970) is a Nigerian contemporary artist known for his drawings and unique iconography.

His deep love of language comes from the stories he was told by his grandmothers. He lovingly mentions the traditional shrines and how the aesthetics of the symbols he knew as a child grew into the foundation of his art and his unique visual vocabulary of symbols.

Today’s topic will focus on his artwork ‘Isimagodo’ which he created during his stay as one of NIROX Foundation’s artists in residence where I was lucky enough to interview him. The sculpture: a man in a suit, waiting to meet you. He’s frozen in movement, yet walking with purpose. Made of galvanised metal in yellow and black patterns, he is a mystic ‘Isimagodo’ “‘Isimagodo’ ... is the inner spirit of the masquerade,” says Ehikahamenor, drawing from his Nigerian roots, explaining this key to express political tension he has witnessed and to describe how he believes all governments behave. “We think we understand government and leaders but we don’t. We just see them as normal humans but we don’t know what they are thinking... That is where my sculpture is coming from,” he says.

From my experience of getting to meet and interview him I learnt that Ehikahamenor takes the entire world into consideration whilst making. He weaves narrative through line with energy to inflame you. His approach to social and political problems is hands on; the alarming rapidity at which he works allows for a thrilling dialogue.

He has created a language of out his drawing. Once his work has touched you, it won’t let go.


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