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Tung Ming-Chin

Artist 200

Tung Ming-Chin


Wood carving

Tung Ming-Chin (born in 1980) is Taiwanese artist who specializes in sculpture. He carves wood into figurative shapes that seem to press against the surface of the finished work.

By carving the wood, he tries to materialize the concept of psychological prison within the wood. The objects that are trying to break free symbolize inner emotions and the subconscious mind.

Tung Ming-Chin demonstrates how these things are trapped inside us as they attempt to get out from the conscious mind.

Each piece of Tung Ming-Chin’s impressive artworks features hidden objects with protruding figures that are encased in a wooden fabric.

The artist also includes other details that add more mystery to the puzzling piece. These are sculptures that do not have a precise shape, they seem almost abstract, but then, by approaching and studying them carefully we can see something more defined.

Be it a face, a hand, a foot or any other part of the body.

Tung Ming-Chin seems to imprison people within his works, but they try in every way to free themselves, pushing strongly outwards. He mimics the thought of Michelangelo who said “every block of stone has a statue within itself and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”, but in this case it is the wood that hides the form.

I love the materiality of wood and his carving is so amazing technically and he truly breathes life back into the wood.

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