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Tina Keane

Artist 127 Tina Keane Technology

Tina Keane (born 1940) is a British artist who has worked with film, video, digital media, and performance, and been a forerunner of multimedia art in the UK.

Reflecting a feminist perspective, her works have often explored gender roles, sexuality, and political concerns. She has stated that her work is primarily about "identity and play".

She works in a wide variety of media, ranging from performance and installation to film, video, digital technologies and neon sculpture.

An influential and consistently inventive artist, she is a leading exponent of media installation work who responds to a physical space and constructs her work around the use of light using video monitors and neon.

As such, Keane’s work is endlessly playful – a richly layered patchwork of analogue technologies. She could be seen as a disciple of the Hannah Hoch school, mixing humour, politics and sex into striking visual patchworks – at once familiar and surreal.

Keane looks at the Abject of technology and how it confers with her topics adding both a disassociation through the medium but a closeness as the audience becomes an active engager.


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