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Theresia “Tere” Agustina Sitompul

Artist 134 Theresia “Tere” Agustina Sitompul Installation art Challenging gender constructs

Theresia “Tere” Agustina Sitompul (born 1981) is an Indonesian visual artist who holds a PhD in printmaking, often deals with issues of personal memory and gender perspectives, using print and installations as her tools of expression.

She received her education and postgraduate at the Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta. She is known to use carbon instead of printing ink to produce relief from belongings.

Today’s focus is on a wall installation of hers called Moment that shows sculptural revelations of the development of the female body by way of growth of the body, which is accentuated by the nipple in several stages of womanhood.

Remarkably, this is done so from the inner side of the breast. One might wonder whether she did so to avoid being accused of displaying pornographic images, or whether there is another reason behind it.

Tere explained that she wanted the viewer to get a sense of inner growth that goes beyond the visuals.

Made of silicon and steel, the breast “plates” seem to dance to a capricious rhythm, perhaps mimicking the whims of life.

Another work of hers on display is Decrease-increase. She uses the method of carbon tracing, a technique originally used by secretaries and seamstresses. In an artist’s application, it has become a unique way to create singularity of print.

She explores identity through feminine binaries and manipulates carbon tracing a demure feminine tool and uses it in her art in a new way.

Most of the info I found about her wasn’t available in English so if I’ve made mistakes please let me know but I think researching a hard to find artist is part of the wonder of this series


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