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Terence Koh

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Artist 66

Terence Koh Asianpunkboy photography, installation and multimedia

Terence Koh born in 1977 in Beijing, China is a Canadian artist who has also worked under the alias ”asianpunkboy” The artist's work spans a range of media, including drawing, sculpture, video, performance and the internet.

While under the alias asianpunkboy, Koh designed zines and custom-made books.

His recent work has expanded to include durational performances, complex installations, and the exploration of natural ecosystems.

Much of his diverse work involves queer, punk and pornographic sensibilities.

In his installations, objects, wall pieces, and performances, Terence Koh creates a space in which memory and imagination mix with art history and subculture.

He explores such diverse subjects as mythology, religion, identity, power, fashion and sexuality, in an often provocative manner, charged with possible symbolic readings. He is most well-known for his monochromatic installations, and ritualistic performances.

Koh’s diverse oeuvre encompasses sculptures, installations, and performance works, raising questions that range from how to define the role of the artist to what constitutes “otherness” in contemporary society.

I love the aesthetics of the monochromatic installations and I really hope you all find this artist as exciting as I do. I’m fan-girling quite hard.


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