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Sky Salanje

Artist 159

Sky Salanje

Zimbabwean Portraiture


Sky Salanje (born 1992) is Zimbabwean portraiture artist who is a prolific commentator on Zimbabwean life.

His works range in motif and subject from those in his immediate neighbourhood to public figures, from friends and neighbours to priests and politicians.

He specializes in portraiture. The scale ranges from miniature to large canvases and shed light on individual personalities and the quirks of human nature through his expressive brush strokes.

Through his collection he is cumulatively building a narrative of the moral economy, normative attitudes and behavioural modes of the complex socio-political history on his home country Zimbabwe.

Salanje does not draw boundaries to his commentary, speaking implicitly and explicitly on religion, politics and human vices, as well as everyday relationships.

Portraiture offers the viewer a unique insight into the expression of the people portrayed. It is possible to depict their emotional states, and draw many senses from the style of painting and levels of abstraction.

Salanje’s work gives us a look behind the curtain of mainstream media where we often hear news from Zimbabwe but not the individual opinions of Zimbabweans.

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