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Robert Freeman

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Artist 77 Robert Freeman Figurative painting

Robert Freeman is a figurative painter. He is known for his vivid and powerful figurative paintings.

Freeman has traditionally focused on the interactions between people in his work. Skillful, brave use of color and gesture are the trademark of Freeman's work and make his figures nearly abstract.

In his own words: “The African American community is as complex as any other. It has no single voice, no single way of seeing the world, and no single way of producing art, music, literature or theater. My paintings explore and celebrate the beauty, elegance and grace of the black middle class through my personal experience. Much of my work draws inspiration from my childhood spent between two cultures: the Gold Coast, West Africa (now Ghana) and the East Coast of the United States. “

Freeman addresses the themes of race and culture he explains and comments on the personal conflict he felt as African-Americans settled into middle-class life following the racial tensions of the 1960s and 1970s.

Robert Freeman paintings evoke a sense of movement and I like his painting style and how he uses his art to show a different perspective of African American social life during the mid to late 90s.


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