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Rachel Marks

Artist 151

Rachel Marks

Identity in Nature

Performance Art

Rachel Marks is an American artist, performer and dancer based in Paris. She is known for her performance art where she uses her experience of dancing with the Oklahoma City Ballet in her performances. She uses dance as an artistic medium in her work.

Rachel’s work looks at the relationship between nature and language. She investigates how a natural community communicates together through her installations, performance, sculpture, paintings and drawings.

She questions the relationship between humanity and nature through either integrating herself or the viewer into the natural environments she encounters or creates.

Her main focus is on the forest: plant and tree life as well as their interaction with insects.

Rachel works like a biologist, collecting and investigating nature, experimenting and finally presenting her findings through her work.

Her goal as an artist is to bring public awareness to nature’s complexity and beauty in order to promote preservation.

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