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Osborn Macharia

Artist 101 Osborn Macharia Afrofuturism Photography

Osborn Macharia (born 1986) is a self-taught Kenyan commercial photographer and digital artist. His work focuses on themes of Afrofuturism in culture, identity, and fictional narratives. He has been called "a master at creating alternate black universes."

When describing his Afrofuturistic work, Macharia stated that "it is a post-colonial narrative about the continents, where you embrace history, present culture, and future aspirations of people of color through art... music... fashion – and just tell a different narrative about the continent.”

Macharia wants the cultural movement of Afrofuturism to revolutionise the perception of Africa. It is an artistic re-purpose of the post-colonial African narrative through integrating historical elements, present culture and future aspirations of people of colour by using narrative, fantasy and fiction to highlight African identity. It’s a language of rebellion.

Today’s focus is on the projects of ‘Remember The Rude Boy’ inspired to be a showcase of Nairobi’s ghetto fashion scene and careful balance of bright colors.

The project is a beautiful collaboration with fashion stylist and set designer Kevo Abbra whose father also served as the inspiration. According to Osborne, Kevo’s father was a fashion visionary who rallied his friends and colleagues to brighten the tailoring industry in the ghetto.

The first collection of yellow screens was a tribute Show in Kibera to Kevo Abbra’s father by friends and colleagues in the tailoring industry showing tribute shows in different hoods in Nairobi and model their latest collections, a testimony to the visionary that he was.

Following the Kibera Tribute show a tribute show in Agbobgloshie showcasing designs influenced by Kevo Abbra’s father was held with red screens. It was to honour the man who inspired them to venture out from being simple tailors to become iconic fashion designers in their respective hoods.

The next collection of pink screens is the story of the forgotten and under appreciated African-American War Veterans is quite familiar. This particular one is a true story about a group of 4 resilient African-American War Veterans from the State of Michigan who despite all odds have a reason to keep their dapper swag alive.

“I specialise in telling fictional yet idealistic, unconventional and forgotten African stories through my art, with an often forgotten positive twist..” says the 30-year-old.


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