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Nike Savvas

Artist 259

Nike Savvas

Installation Art

Nike Savvas (born 1964 ) is an Australian Artist who focuses on installation art.

In her own words Bike explains, “While remaining open to new influences, I seek to create experiential objects and environments to captivate, transform, and transport the viewer with works ranging from small free-standing objects to immense multi-sensory, kinetic installations.”

Her points of focus include aesthetics, memory, politics, the body, spatiality, identity, presence and absence, high art and low art, colour and systems logic.

She explores the expansion of painting in the age of the post-medium condition and how it has opened her practice to a broader experiential zone of physical and sensory immersion.

She explains as a painter she became increasingly dissatisfied with its assumed two dimensionality and the prescribed limits and materials normally associated with painting.

Through questioning the nature of painting – to challenge many of the prescriptive cultural and material conventions that underpinned her understanding of what painting was, or could be.

Her work often manifest in series, and draws inspiration from multiple sources. The work often conjoins the tangible with the abstract.

“My work has sought to dissolve ideologies, classifications, and pedigree. In this, hierarchies designating private and public are levelled in a push to create a unique art animal.” - Nike Savvas

It is how painting’s essence manifests in the post-medium condition of installation that allows possibilities to go across all domains and open her practice to a broader experiential zone. This zone includes that of the conceptual, spatial, physical, pictorial, perceptual and sensorial allowing for fuller immersion.

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