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Michael Reeder

Artist 137 Michael Reeder Finding the Self Painting

Michael Reeder (born in 1982) is an American artist who specializes in painting, murals, and prints. He grew up influenced by the local skate and street culture. Drawing and painting in traditional mediums from a young age, Reeder found himself drawn to the underground, unseen, yet very public form of painting graffiti.

His artistic painting and mural training fused with his early graffiti influence formed and grew into his portraiture work.

Michael Reeder’s artwork exudes an ambiguity and with that comes thought provocation, as he wants the viewer to question the sense of self.

There’s an essence of modern day surrealism with the dream-like quality of his works, and he reflects this in a contemporary setting with his choice of color palette and the graphic quality.

In the artist’s own words, “I want my work to be capable of something larger than one specific message or narrative. I do have my own set of themes and concepts that I use to help me build the imagery such as identity and the many parts that make up one’s individualized self, or the concept of the internal and external self/notion of the duplicate self.”

Reeder’s work is very layered. He creates a contrast is textures, styles and themes. The fragmented nature of his work really speaks to me in searching the difference aspects of the self.


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