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Mariko Mori

Artist 21 Mariko Mori Wave UFO

Mariko Mori is a contemporary Japanese artist, who works in photography, installation, video and sculpture. She explores consciousness and the future and pushing the boundaries of art with technology.

Today’s focus will be on her sculptural works specifically ‘Wave Ufo’.

This work is an interactive spaces that has pushed this concept forward. The installation blends art into one condensed zone of introspection.

To reach the inner sanctum of the three dimensional Wave UFO , one must traverse the staircase and through the clear, electronic bubble door. In this entryway awaits the astounding interactivity.

Only three can enter the inner capsule of Wave UFO at a time. Once inside you are seated in three Technogel chairs.

Before entering you are outfitted with a set of electrodes. These serve the purpose of accessing and gathering data of the brainwaves of the participants for the most spectacular function of the piece.

This data is transformed into visualizations that correspond in real-time with each of the participants current brain activity.

This is then projected onto the screens that make up the ceilings of the Wave UFO.

Each participant's brain activity is represented by a moving shape, is represented a colorful, movement reacting to each participant’s face.

“Drawing upon the Buddhist principle that all forms of life in the universe are interconnected, Wave UFO seamlessly unites actual individual physical experience with Mori's singular vision of a cosmic dream world” - Public Art Fund, May 10, 2003

This cosmic dream world is breath it truly makes you relook at how we think of the mind and it really makes me want to visit a UFO.

It allows people to not only get closer with both themselves and universe but closer to Nirvana itself.

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