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Lin Tianmiao

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Artist 58

Lin Tianmiao Installation art

Lin Tianmiao was born in 1961 and is a contemporary Chinese installation artist and textile designer.

Through using materials which are closely tied to the maternal responsibilities of a household, Lin connects her past to China's present, she explores the relationship of tradition and modernization.

Growing up in China as well as being a woman are the two strongest voices that Lin communicates with and advocates for through her art.

Lin consistently challenges the norms of femininity through themes of womanhood, beauty, and motherhood.

Lin's work often deals with themes specific to women and while critics have compared her work to Western feminist art with its focus on the manifestations of domesticity, she has rejected that characterization.

The contrast within the materials Lin uses creates a binary conversation about the human, and female, experience. Every subject Lin addresses in her art, she depicts in a black & white, cold & hot, binary conversation

She is known for her practice of thread winding in which she binds the material – usually silk, hair, cotton, or felt – tightly around found and manufactured objects.

Initially tasked by her mother to spool cotton as a young girl, Lin later reclaimed the act.

Lin’s work studies her own social role and the relationship between identity and social context, questioning the identity of woman and the conventional idea of the social role of woman as mother.

I love how she takes normalcy and subverts it into these striking artworks. The binaries she creates fascinates me.


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