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Li Shurui

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Artist 63

Li Shurui Light art Airbrush painting

Li Shurui engages with a range of media whilst exploring the relationship between space and light.

Her paintings and installations are recognized for their large-format acrylic-on-canvas compositions produced with airbrushes.

When asked about what the aim of her works are, she states that she tries to “use light and space to capture an atmosphere and state of mind in a way that leaves people with a strong emotive impression rather than a concept or idea that must be dealt with logically”.

Excelling in the use of the airbrush and considered among the best artists skilled in the technique in China currently, she chose it to portray the light spectrum.

Deliberately introducing a sense of uncertainty as to what her paintings represent in real life, Li’s subjects seem out of focus, presenting a distorted and hallucinogenic reality reminiscent of a kaleidoscope or the lights of a city’s nightscape one views in a whirl of motion, where the senses are inundated and all objects disappear from sight.

The light comes to the fore, like on a rainy night, and floods the senses. Li reveals, “I try to reproduce the blinding sensation that the eye gets when looking directly at light, which can be discombobulating and hypnotic.

The ambiguity is natural; looking at something like lights is not something you can grasp, not something you can just focus on and expect to really ‘see’.”

She views art as a personal journey of self-discovery, as “part of my figuring out what I want to see, or what I want to feel, which in some other sense is kind of like figuring out who I am and where I’m going”.

Her technique and ability to create painting that allude movement and vibrancy capture me. I adore escapism and often casinos and clubs use light to create illusions. This draws me in similarly.


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