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Khehla Chepape Makgato

Artist 164

Khehla Chepape Makgato


Mixed medium Portraiture

Social commentary

Khehla Chepape Makgato is a South African born mixed-media artist, writer and philanthropist. He specializes in a range of mediums including collage and assemblage art. His art often focuses on social issues and the people involved in them.

In his own words, “My body of work explore the childhood memoirs, reflections and memories of my practice as both artist and arts educator. I am using my portrait as a medium or model of portrayal to finding peace and harmony in my practice.”

He is the founder and creative director of Samanthole Creative Projects, which provides art skills, encourages reading of poetry and literature, and motivates the youth in rural communities of South Africa.

Established in 2010 artists and patrons have made it possible for Khehla Chepape Makgato and his team to go around Limpopo and other parts of South Africa doing arts and literacy development workshops with the youth.

He mentions, “We have touched many lives and we are grateful of the impact made in the last few years. Some challenging factors have been that of lack of funding, which is a general norm for the arts in South Africa.”

One of the ways he is overcoming this is wiry the establishment of Chepapeism brand which he hopes will take the funding model to another level especially for the arts and literacy development projects in rural areas.

Khehla Chepape Makgato goes on to describe this funding endeavor, “CHEPAPEISM is new clothing brand in a form of art merchandise sold from my studio. It is an initiative where we seek to raise funds for the community arts and literacy development projects that we do in communities such as establishing libraries and running art workshops. Reasonable percentage of the proceeds from the products of CHEPAPEISM brand such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Golf T-shirts and Aprons merchandise go towards enabling the smooth run of our projects.”

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