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Judy Woodborne

Artist 198

Judy Woodborne

Philosophical pondering


Judy Woodborne (born 1966) is a South African artist who specializes in Printmaking.

She own the printmaking studio, Intagliostudio situated in the Bijou Cinema in Observatory, Cape Town where she runs classes and workshops as well as providing a membership-based studio for fellow printmakers.

Her work is inspired by her travel and the techniques she learns in the process. This ranges deeply in nature and the elements. Further she draws inspiration from the creation mythologies, traditions, rituals and the similarities despite the differences in cultures. This is combined with an interest in science and the nature of matter in her work.

Technically she challenges printmaking as a flat medium. She creates paper art constructions out of her prints incorporating elements like embroidery and gold leaf in places.

She uses a variety of techniques like embossing, Linocut, etching, drawing and adds sculptural elements.

The consistent theme of tarot and using a visual format to contemplate philosophy and duality of life are motifs in her work I find fascinating.

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