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Jean Theron Louw

Artist 162

Jean Theron Louw

Anthropomorphism Sculptures

Environmental art

Jean Theron Louw (born in 1965) is a South African architect whose true passion lies in sculpting.

Her work she focuses on issues of climate change, the state of our planet, overpopulation, urbanisation, water shortage and the need to live green.

She is passionate about changing the unsustainable way in which we all live and in her work highlights the environmental crises we all face.

Jean Louw says, “The purpose of my work is to awaken a consciousness of our connectivity with the planet as a whole. I want to draw my viewer into moments of self reflection – soul searching for that is what makes us truly human. “

Her vision is to awaken thought and interaction in others as they view the work, resulting in a consciousness of our interconnectivity within the planet as a whole. To have the viewer feel interconnection and how each of is just part of a larger whole.

She evokes this consciousness in an aggressive, bold way. She speaks of awakening a consciousness of connectivity and she achieves this through violence images of pain where she use anthropomorphism on the animals. This self reflection and soul searching almost reveals us the humans in being truly human to be the true beasts.

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