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Hu Xiaoyuan

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Artist 62

Hu Xiaoyuan ‘Experience’ Multimedia artist

Hu Xiaoyuan in Chinese 胡晓媛 born 1977 is a contemporary Chinese artist.

Hu explores the relationship between subject and form, time and space, through the employment of an array of media within her works such as hair, recycled textiles, wood, and insects.

These mediums allow for her to signify an abundance of emotions, and continually express personal volition. Her artistic expression includes video, performance, painting and installation.

Her art is connected to traditional culture and history as well as to her personal experience, her family and the women in her family.

Although Hu Xiaoyuan has stated: ‘...Tradition and history – was not my deliberate subject. The reason is simple. Take you, for instance, a young person from another culture. Perhaps you do not stress or accept your own traditional culture, but you are surrounded by information and experiences related to tradition. You may see a traditional art exhibition or listen to traditional music. You won’t proactively seek it out, but it has an imperceptible influence on you mentally and physically. When you make art, you do not try to hold on to it, but it follows you around and affects your approach and your final work. You cannot reject it. Because from the day you are born – take someone in their thirties, for instance – for over thirty years, it has been affecting you like the air around you. So it will naturally be evident in your work.’

She further says: ‘Contemporary artists are not ‘painters’ in a traditional sense. A painter can be a contemporary artist, but a contemporary artist is not necessarily a painter. I see a subtle difference between the two – those who use painting to represent the world and those who deploy various means to express themselves.’

She holds a respect for the material existence of her work. She allows the art to breath it’s on life.

I really recommend following the second link and reading her interview.


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