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Guy Du Toit

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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Guy Du Toit

A rabbits World


Guy Du Toit (born 1958) is a South African Sculptor known for his rabbit sculptures.

"My objects come from my immediate environment, selected for their non-heroic, open-ended meaning. Bells, for instance, may refer either to slavery or liberty. My overriding concern is that of reality and illusion; the fusing of Western and African realities is somehow reflected in this ambiguity." - Guy Du Toit

Guy du Toit uses a wide range of media in his sculptures, including bronze, stone, wood and steel, and draws in pen, ink and charcoal.

Guy continually involves himself in community-based projects and creative collaborations in an effort to demystify bronze casting and the art-making process. His work is informed by his approach to art and life, the relationship between the body and material, art and craft, discourse and practice.

He gives workshops throughout South Africa and has been involved in community projects, seminars and symposia. He is investigating the functions of repetition repetition and its roles in the Art/Craft divide.

Guy du Toit’s apparent irreverence can obfuscate the fact that he is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most accomplished sculptors. “Liberated” (as he says) by the advent of democracy in South Africa from having to concern himself and his art with the notions of identity, he has happily turned his attention to “less provincial” pursuits like reveling in form, concept and media for their own sakes.

Du Toit uses the unexpected juxtaposition of bronze casts of universal, everyday found (and made-to-look-found) objects to invite his audience to invent dialogue themselves.

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