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Faith Ringgold

Artist 126

Faith Ringgold Racism and Discrimination Narrative Quilts

Faith Ringgold (born 1930) is a American artist who paints, sculpts and is a performance artist, best known for her narrative quilts.

A fervent civil rights and gender equality activist, Faith Ringgold has produced an inherently political oeuvre. In the early 1970s, she abandoned traditional oils for painting in acrylic on unstretched canvas with fabric borders, a technique evoking Tibetan thangkas (silk paintings with embroidery).

The painted narrative quilts for which Ringgold is best known grew out of these early paintings, and denounce racism and discrimination with their subject matter.

Combining quilt making, genre painting, and story telling through images and hand-written texts, the series “The American Collection” (1997) endeavors to rewrite African American art history, emphasizing the importance of family, roots, and artistic collaboration.

In addition to demonstrating against the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney over what she perceives to be their exclusion of black and female artists, Ringgold has co-founded groups to support these demographics.

It’s amazing how she stands up against discrimination. I think the longer you look at her works and the details draw in an abject reading of feeling like the Other.


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