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Cow Mash

Artist 228

Cow Mash Udderly Sculpture

Kgaogelo Mashilo, popularly known as Cow Mash, (born 1994) is a South African contemporary artist who specializes in sculpture. Mashilo aka Cow Mash works with multiple mediums and media, explores religion, culture, identity through drawing and sculptures made from synthetic leather and wool.

Cow Mash’s work is inspired by her artist moniker “Cow” and the cultural symbols of the cow within the Sepedi traditions. she further explores cow metaphors as well as the “Cow” globally.

Through bovine metaphors, she tries to situate herself between tradition and the contemporary world. Mash creates drawings on synthetic leather and sculptural works using synthetic wools, combining various fabrics. Cow reflects on the transformation and evolution of culture by using synthetic leather rather than actual cow-hide.

The doodle-like repetitive lines in her drawings and meditative methods in sculpting are a means of self-contemplation and healing and finding a sense of belonging. Her monochromatic sculptures hold a deepness with specific cracks and marks that the longer you look at her works the more emerges from them.


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