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Cecily Brown

Artist 209

Cecily Brown Erotic painting Cecily Brown (born 1969) is a British painter. Her style is expressive and abstract from female viewpoint. Brown lives and works in New York City. She explores sexual and pornographic themes in the majority of her work. Through the use of repetition, Brown captures images that both attract and confound her. Though her drawings and paintings she showcases her erotic view of art through subject matter. Brown states, “I want to make forms that are either just dissolving or in the process of just becoming something and to play with the relationship between the eye and the brain.”

Brown's paintings combine figuration and utter abstraction while exploring the power relationship between male and female. Brown says, "All the paintings I'm working on have more or less the same impetus; the same thoughts are driving them. I like there to be an argument within a painting." Sexuality and attraction are important themes in her work, which she explores through semi-figurative and abstract means. The way she handles paint within her work, becomes the subject matter itself by engulfing her figures within the paint or to use it to add a sense of humor to her sexual imagery.

The main characteristic of Brown’s paintings is her use of motion, expressive mark-making and many mixtures of color throughout her pieces. She also constantly changes palettes, so her work consistently shifts over time. Brown often titles her paintings after classic Hollywood films and musicals, such as The Pyjama Game, The Bedtime Story and The Fugitive Kind.

Brown said in an interview that "One of the main things I would like my work to do is to reveal itself slowly, continuously and for you never to feel that you’re really finished looking at something." In her interview with Pittman she discussed how she defines 'sexual' in her work: "I suppose you could say that the sexual is in every painting, whether there is an overt subject or not. The tension within the painting, whatever the subject, is the desired outcome.”


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