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Amalia Ramanankirahina

Artist 242

Amalia Ramanankirahina

Familial histories

Mixed Medium

Amalia Ramanankirahina (born in 1966) is a Malagasy mixed-medium artist who lives and works in Paris. She specializes in collage, mixed medium photography. Her work deals with history, family, French colonialism in Madagascar, the aftermath and defines herself as a post-war artist.

Her photographic installation entitled Portraits de Famille (2013) charts a historical biography of her family and its intersection with the colonial history of her home country of Madagascar. Her work Le Jardin d’Essai (2013) addresses memory and history as it relates to French colonialism and its aftermath.

For Ramanankirahina the memory of a great grandfather Malagasy painter, actor of the French colony is in part her inspiration for her involvement into heritage protection in Madagascar and artistic practice.

In Paris in the 90s, she was active in alternative associations like ‘Europe Factory, ‘Gare aux mouvements’ and Gaz à tous les étages which were creating happenings in public space.

Ramanankirahina explains over her documentation of her family, “During my last trip to Madagascar in 2010, I retrieved my family portraits and biographical books of my great grandfather, dating back a century. From his traces of colonial days, I try to reactivate a memory, fantasized and true, which mixes intimate and historical spectra.”

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