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Alicia Martin Lopez

Artist 214

Alicia Martin Lopez Pictorial Ecosystems Painting Alicia Martin (born 1982) is a Spanish artist who specializes in digital and traditional painting.

In her work she deals with concepts such as change, entropy and evolution in the form of painting installations.

In her own words,

“My work concentrates on the exploration of matter as visual language through an experimental search of the organic form. Taking painting and drawing as a starting point, I rely on chaos and order as a tool to stimulate unexpected associations among different elements which result evokes a corporeal presence in constant transformation.”

By combining diverse techniques overlapping layers and materials she strategically orchestrates elements on intricate hybrid compositions halfway between collage and sculpture.

“In my practice I intend to enhance the particular processes of each material and communicate within the morphology of its own physical essence. Textural rhythms, color vibrations and shape shifts are dissected and reassembled to build new interconnected structures coexisting in uneasy balance. “

She says she conceives her pieces as temporary natures that behave as pictorial ecosystems. She mentions these pictorial ecosystems live in-between the anatomical and the botanical realm, the tangible and the imaginary, the intimate and the strange. I love the term of a pictorial ecosystems and how it speaks of a world within an artwork. #AliciaMartinLopez #PictorialEcosystems #Painting #digitalart #oilpaintings #artblog #artistoftheday #artistsoninstagram #artresearch #celebratingart #investigatingart #blog #artist #art #contemporaryart #artistbio #arthistory #artresearch

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