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A late Introduction

My name is Monica Blignaut I’m an artist with my Fine Art Hons busy pursuing my Masters degree in Art at the University of Pretoria. I love the artistic rabbit hole I’ve fallen into.

I write an art blog which celebrates artists from around the world and through out History with art articles in between. It inspires me to learn more each day and I love sharing art. It makes me extremely happy.

I run a photography business using my artistic background to ensure beautiful and affordable photoshoots since I believe feeling beautiful and enjoying self expression should be available to everyone.

I have always had a passion for film and in 2018 PPC Imaginarium enabled me to create my first film. I’ve been involved in creating five films since. Proudly I am able to say that I have produced, directed and written four of them. My films try to break stereotypes of South African film and challenge society around me. .

I was blessed to manage a commercial art gallery in Lynnwood Pretoria where I developed a love for helping people discover the perfect artwork for their homes. It has simply grown over time where I am now a proud member of Millennium Gallery in Groenkloof. I am so excited of the upcoming art shows we have planned!

I’m a passionate writer and I have aspirations to open my own art school in the future. I love academia and travel.

I’m building a foundation to a life I am very proud of and I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has been following this platform and enjoying the content.

Thank you so much!


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