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SyIT is a Canadian artist known for his print design and his painting. His work explores color, texture and beauty through collaged portraiture. He combines both tangible and digital sources in creating his artworks.

SylT finds his inspiration in both the beauty of the natural world and its feminine psyche.

‘My artistic work is very much rooted in nature and influenced by the essence of its femininity. My inspiration is therefore a combination of nature's bountiful beauty and my vision of womanhood as reflected in our humanity. ‘ - SylT

Through a process that begins in the digital realm and ends with the artist’s careful hand, SylT's images are transformed into hypnotic, ephemeral portraiture.

There are two parts to his creative process. He begins by finding and photographing natural forms, shapes, textures and colours that catch his eye. The themes of fashion and nature play together in his interpretations of beauty.

He then selects a striking female to be his muse, either a strong contemporary woman, a fashion icon or a remarkable historical figure.

Sylt creates arresting, mixed media, portraits that employ an array of digital applications to add motion and depth to his portraits.

Then, taking a more traditional artistic approach to his work, he uses acrylic and aerosol paints, mixed media and collaging techniques, and finally, on occasion, paint stripper to alter and enhance the physical and visual properties of his artworks.

He explains his process, ‘I will paste the digitally modified portraits on wood, and then start a more traditional artistic process, using acrylic, collage, aerosol paints and paint stripper in the canvas to work as perfectly as possible with the physical and visual properties of the wood. I then polish my work as much as necessary, often taking a short period of time off, in order to reflect on the work and come back at a later moment with a different vision for my piece.‘

‘Finally, I often go into the forest in order to gather objects such as feather, leaves, wood, and incorporate them in my paintings to add depth and true meaning to my design.’

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