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the Art of making Art

New Media is a term which is relative to each artist and the time period they come from. I view painting both acrylic and oil as an old medium as I grew up using them.

The video “The Art of Making Art” is a nonsensical video which portrays the beauty and wonderment I find in cleaning my paint brushes and paint water.

I wish to find a way of changing perspectives of art as ‘elitist’ and beyond society’s average man. This focuses not on the skill or concept of the painting but through new media attempts to make people question their presumptions of older art mediums.

In the midst of cleaning after painting unique patterns of coloured water thrown into sinks create momentary art works that I find beautiful both in their aesthetic composition and in their fleeting existence.

This accidental art is in part how I wish to change perceptions that art is difficult to create. Art is everywhere. The universe itself is art you merely need to consider how you
look at it.

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