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Etching Installation

In this installation In Search for Oneself two different methods of cognitive mapping are documented to challenge the question left by Fredric Jameson in the Postmodernism or, Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism. To fulfil this ideal of the invention and projection of a global cognitive mapping, on a spatial and social scale I have explored how Escapism can take on that political form within postmodernism.


Escapism is engagement with the third spectrum of being. I argue that the subconscious is not an arbitrary structure but etched throughout the body. This is based on my personal experience with SHIP. SHIP stands for Spontaneous Healing Intrasystemic Process which is a method of non-intrusive phycology which is used to deal with the balance between the subconscious and conscious. It deals with trauma on a subconscious level with focus on the body and physical working through the stress by focusing on it and experiencing spontaneous healing.   


With this knowledge of how the experiences we deal with are in the body I feel that Escapism which deals with the escape from reality can be traced back to the original trauma reality. Therefore the body may be a way to determine mapping of third spectrum, the escape.


One particular form of Escapism I am working through is depression. These maps mark my personal mapping of Escapism as a theme but also a personal experience of daily living with Escapism in both positive and negative attributes.


The two maps represent different interpretations one more Conscious and the other the Subconscious.

In the Analytical Escapist Map there is precision and order which reflect the need to control and break down reality to a form which is manageable. The text and notes are mind mapping reflecting the process of mentally formatting the mind. They are etched backwords to deal with the confusion of reality and perspective. This is often lost in translation with Escapism as the two blur. It deals with the conscious mind.


The Emotive Escapist Map is a map of introspective paths and roads within me. It deals with the pathways to memories, places in my heart and other personal maps. In contrast to the control of the first map the second focuses on free flowing energy. It allows the emotion to take control instead of harbouring it. It deals with the subconscious mind.  


The installation Search for Oneself reflects the various processes and proof prints and drawings created throughout the etching process it reflects how this is an ongoing procedure which develops at each turn. As Escapism has never been visually mapped before it reflects a search in itself. It is also a process to rediscover myself as a person and an artist within a Post-Modernist context.   

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