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To two fascinating places...
The Carnival
Its intoxicating colours inticing
escapism and how the entire world melts away beneath its
bright, enchanting lights.
the Graveyard
It is covered in an intense silence, heavy to breath in. The way
you are drawn to the names in silent awe.
it celebrates life where relatives and time forget.
The carnival is an example of
complete escape where
problems like worries, dying and life vanish blissfilly for a
In contrast there is peace in the graveyard. It is filled with the
past and is an example of reality. The inevitability of death
looms over the visiter.
In life a person dances between the two places metaphorically.
often relying on the one place to save us from the other.
There is a thin line which seperates the two.
Which side do you believe you live in?
“...regardless. Welcome.”

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