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Nebula: Abstract (2014)

The paint in this project correlates with a personal ideology. Paint in its layers metaphorically represent all experience and how the challenges of life are thrown at a person. 


The focus in this project was the

negative emotions and challenges thrown in life.Various different types of paint fromfabric to roof paint to spray paintto portray variations.The manipulation of the mesh represents how people change themselves to survive encounters.


Further how a person shapes acreated image for society.By hanging the artwork in frontof the clean white background thefocus is on the metaphorical self.


Even when we feel minute andworthless we are beautiful.Another element was how themedium allows for the light toshine through and the shadows onthe white sheet reflect the soul andhow even when we feel damaged and physically distorted we become more beautiful in oursoul and being as we face hardship.


I first became fascinated by nebula in 2012. The combination of their beauty and the fact that it is the birth of a star or a galaxy like our own meant a great deal to me.


As I was coming to the end of a 13 year journey and about to begin a new transition in my life I viewed that transformation as a personal nebula. It was the birth of a new world and the birth of a new me.


I focused on sculpture in high school and was slightly afraid to study painting after three years which resulted in an experiment. I decided to paint a portrait of one of my friends who was also beginning her journey into university.

This gave birth to Nebula: A kiss.


I began a personal project I call Nebula of the ages and decided to create a nebula painting every year in December in celebration of the New Year and as a new start. Further to also ensure I paint outside of university.


In 2013 I completed a self-portrait as the nebula painting Nebula: the Real Me. The focus of the nebula shifted. The idea that the manner of painting in a self-portrait is to display personality eludes me and I tried to shift the focus of the self-portrait from the physical to the invisible.  The nebula began to represent the world within me: my imagination, my creativity and my mind.


This project began with the idea of internalizing pain and personal angst and dealing with that. The mesh became a metaphor representing the physical self which under stress and pressure feels less worthy and subsidiary to other people therefore filled with holes.


The cotton used as a backdrop was a representative of the world and the relationship between the two surfaces shows how even when we feel invisible we still have an impact on the world around us.


The paint in this project correlates with a previous ideology, The Present (2011) I’ve hold over paint that it represents everything that you experience and is thrown at you. The focus in this project was the negative emotions and challenges thrown at me. I used various different types of paint from fabric to roof paint to spray paint and manipulated the mesh which also represents how we change ourselves to survive our encounters and shape ourselves in the image we wish to be.


By hanging the artwork in front of the clean white background I wished to focus on the metaphorical self. Even when we feel minute and worthless we are beautiful. This entire progress became a nebula and to me it feels like the idea has grown and my nebula has moved from backgrounds to becoming the entity itself.


Another element was as the medium is see-through the light shines through and the shadows on the white sheet incorporate the idea of how shadows reflect the soul from my artwork the Yearning (2013) and how even when we feel damaged and distorted physically we become more beautiful in our soul and being.

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