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The Graveyard

A world and cave of tombs, gravestones and sarcophaguses: this artwork explores the theme of destruction. Firstly the destruction of death and the impact it has upon the living. Those who are left behind create graves; they symbolize both the love and loss families endure and hold.


Secondly it explores the destruction of religion. There is much argument and debate on where we go after we die. Much of this is led by religious beliefs and act as insurance to calm people with promises of another plane of existence. I wanted to show the disarray of opinions and clearly show the unknowing we have about death.


Thirdly it explores the destruction of living and of life itself. Through the bright colours and I tried to provoke at how we often play with self destruction willingly choosing to come closer to death for example through smoking, drugs and unhealthy food.


Overall death, religion or rather faith and life become three conflicting elements, which fight and co-exist within you, the viewer, and the art. It raises the questions: what does heaven look like? How will I die? Who will attend the funeral? How long before I am forgotten?


Personally the fear and horror around death and graveyards where ghosts, ghouls and monsters for example zombies supposedly live is another form of destruction in our minds we terrify ourselves with the unknown, yet we enjoy horror movies and love being frightened. These contradictory emotions and urges to both run away and run towards what scares us fascinate me.

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