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Waterfront Painting, Cape Town painting
  • Waterfront Painting, Cape Town painting


    Acrylic Painting

    150x100cm (59.05x39.37inches)

    Monica Blignaut


    This stunning iconic painting of the bustling V&A Waterfront in Cape Town captivates the unique gathering point which is in the oldest working harbour in the Southern Hemisphere.

    The broken brush strokes evoke the sense of vibrancy and momentum that fills the beloved harbour reflecting the various ships and shop fronts with Table Mountain in the backdrop.

    A staple landmark location in beautiful city of Cape Town, this painting is the perfect way to bring a piece of Cape Town into your space.


    The painting measures 150x100cm (59.05x39.37inches) and is available for purchase.

    • Shipping Options

      Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of these pieces, the shipping process must be tailored to each individual purchase. As a result, buyers are required to contact the artist directly via email to organize the shipping details.


      The email address is


      This ensures that the artwork is properly packaged and shipped to the buyer in a safe and secure manner.

    • More about the series

      Monica Blignaut’s landscape paintings are inspired by her experience of the 2019 global health crisis she used her desire to travel and connect with the world beyond the four walls she was contained within to paint as a means of mourning and hope. The series has developed on to explore the artist’s experience of living in the city of Cape Town.

      Monica’s use of the limited monochromatic colour palettes creates a sense of simplicity and minimalism in her work. This draws focus to her compositions and the form of the landscape, rather than being distracted by a wide range of colours.

      In conjunction her painting techniques of thick brushstrokes, broken color, and loose brushwork, creates a sense of movement and depth in the painting. The viewer can feel the movement of elements like air and water in contrast to the layered landscapes creating a sense the depth in the works. The nature of acrylic paint dries quickly allows Monica to work with a sense of immediacy and spontaneity which adds energy and movement to the paintings.

      Her techniques are further enhanced by her use of acrylic paint which allows for bold contrasts of light and dark, which give her paintings a sense of depth and movement. This is particularly effective in landscape paintings, as it can convey the ruggedness and grandeur of the natural world or heighten the dynamic nature of the sharp angles of modern skyscrapers and how the curves and arches of ancient structures convey fluidity, dynamism and unhindered movement.

      By exploring the senses of the different cultures, locations and time periods and how they have influenced landscapes it reflects the influences travel has had on the artist's own personal experiences and perspectives. Her work marks as commentary on the impact of human development on the natural world as well how travel influences perspective.

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