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Markus Åkesson

Artist 130

Markus Åkesson Hidden Figures Oil painting

Markus Åkesson (born 1975) is a neofigurative painter on the international stage.He lives and works in Nybro, Sweden.

In his paintings, he depicts ornately patterned fabrics like toile, chintz, and silks wrapped around female subjects.

Instead of using the old-fashioned textiles simply as signifiers of wealth and tradition, he uses the materials to take on a more sinister tone.

In some of the paintings you can see expressions of sadness in the subject’s faces, while in others, the textiles completely overtake the figures beneath, obscuring their identity and emotions.

“As a child, I often sat and looked at the different patterns in textiles and tapestries,” Åkesson shares. “I would find my own images in them, my own world, and I would dream away. For me, the pattern as a concept has a built in feeling of safety and stability, because it repeats itself over and over again. I think the use of patterns in images that depicts more melancholic or even disturbing scenes makes a interesting feeling of duality.”

I find his work beautifully eerie and it’s an extremely difficult technique creating them out oil paint.


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