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Brian Kenny

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Artist 44

Brian Kenny Identity Art

Brian Kenny is an American multidisciplinary artist whom was born on American military base in Heidelberg, Germany. He traveled extensively with his military parents until his late teenage years.

He graduated from Oberlin College. Kenny is a long-time collaborator of Russian-born artist Slava Mogutin, with whom he has run the SUPERM project since 2004.

One of the major themes in Kenny's work is exploration of his own sexuality, checking the boundaries between genders. In 2014, Kenny collaborated with the Visual AIDS foundation to raise awareness of the disease.

“My work is primarily expressionistic, autobiographical and deconstructive. My favourite way to make art is much like the process of automatic writing. I rarely know what I am going to make until I begin to make it. Sometimes I have a vague idea of what I want, but often I prefer to make it all up as I go along. The result often ends up being very personal, like a map or mash-up of my recent thoughts and experiences, or a reflection of my desires and dreams.” - Brian Kenny

I love the combination of colour, pattern and human form in his work. His work is complicated and intricate with more and more to see as you look.


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